Monday, April 4, 2011

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Now my status level is Pro in Oracle Forum.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Save Before Exit plugin from SkillBuilder

It is possible that you fill data in form and some case you left the page without saving your work?
So that entered data will lost.

There is a plug-in Save Before Exit from SkillBuilder to prevent this issue.

Download the plug-in from:

Installation steps:
  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. In your APEX screen go to shared document and then Plug-ins and  click on Import.
  3. It will ask for selecting file. Choose dynamic_action_plugin_com_skillbuilders_sbdp_save_before_exit.sql and follow the steps.
  4. This will install plug-in into your application
Configuration in page:
  1. Go to page where you want to add save before exit feature.
  2. Create a dynamic action.
  3. Select advanced and give the name of dynamic action.
  4. Choose page load on Event and next.
  5. select "SkillBuilders Save Before Exit (2.0.0) [Plug-in]" in action and click on next.
  6. Click on create button to create dynamic action.
If you want to add this feature in multiple page then you can create this dynamic action on Page 0 and give the condition that execute on list of pages.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Journeyman in Oracle Forum

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oracle Application Express New Patch Release

A new Oracle APEX patchset release with lots of bugfixes.

The following table lists bugs fixed in the Oracle Application Express patch set.

Bug NumberDescription
6360643Missing RESTRICT_TO_USER_LIST in application export
9752881Read only quick picks on 4000:4311 and 4000:371 should show "Always"
9855165Incorrect results when viewing session state from Developer toolbar
10024385Ignore case and blanks in attributes which are referencing page items
10024437Flash 5 dial chart incorrect value displayed when value should be zero
10024919Map attribute labels does not control visibility of labels on map
10030517Popup LOV uses HTML Form Element attributes for anchor link
10030798Interactive report CSV download includes extra pair of DIV tags
10037373Unable to create forms conversion project using Internet Explorer 7 and Application Express Listener
10041505Popup LOV search should use LIKE operator
10041816Multi Row Delete process fails in some cases when display sequence was altered
10049423Named report template page not displayed when called from Page Edit tree
10050404String from other pages included in XLIFF page export
10051384Flash 5 Gantt chart does not support 'DS' application date format
10055032Children do not show up or are wrong in Query Builder
10055407Theme 1 - Hide/Show region template missing float left
10057703Cannot make 'Simple Checkbox' columns conditional
10058590APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGE.LOG_LONG_MESSAGE incorrectly splits the message
10058669ORA-01785 raised in sort-enabled classic reports when columns change
10066270Session State Protection report shows wrong value for Item Session State Protection
10066324Multiple tree regions on same page may result in incorrect tree data
10069374Pressing ESCAPE key sets value to jQuery based datepicker with time
10070849Interactive report filter with next day gives ORA-00936: Missing expression
10079075Incorrect item layout on Create Calendar Region attributes page 4000:2006
10090373APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGE.REMOVE_DEBUG_BY_AGE API parameters should not have NULL defaults
10090518APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGE.REMOVE_DEBUG_BY_AGE API removes incorrect messages
10090652APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGE.REMOVE_DEBUG_BY_APP API parameters should not have NULL default
10090699APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGE.REMOVE_DEBUG_BY_VIEW API parameters should not have NULL defaults
10091086Flash 5 chart multiple Y axes only applied to first series of chart
10092894View APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGES sometimes returns incorrect EXECUTION_TIME
10092991Debugging flag shows and saves wrong value in Edit Application Properties
10093329APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGE.LOG_PAGE_SESSION_STATE API does not show item values
10093980Navigation bar logout entry created with condition type CURRENT_LOOK_IS_1
10095760ORA-20001: Error In MRU in LOV in migrated tabular, form empty
10100985Enabling debug using ENABLE_DEBUG_MESSAGES API results in missing debug information
10103359Interactive report hangs search string exceeds allowed character limit
10104409Runtime installation becomes invalid when using APXDEVRM.SQL
10104883ORA-29279 SMTP permanent error when using reporting period
10107478Region Display Selector attribute is ignored on import for certain region types
10107616Syntax error in SQL report results in HTTP 404
10107767Condition type "NONE" for validation might raise error
10108363Flash 5 Map Animation option missing from Map Attributes page
10108919Flash 5 charts checksum only applied to Action link for last record of series
10118507Recently created dates can show in the future when using SINCE format mask
10119451Application export with authentication scheme using 'NOT', 'NOT' is lost on import
10121357Interactive report: when SELECT updated, existing columns of type timestamp are refreshed
10124254Create Application on Spreadsheet Wizard: Theme selector region too narrow
10124263Create Application on Spreadsheet Wizard: Final page icons not properly displayed
10124268Install application final page 'Update App' icon not proper
10126550Region display point preview popup does not work in German
10149191Dynamic actions: should show 'never' in Page Definition component view
10149623Page items of type select list, check box, and radio group should allow refresh
10149957Update text field item to number field item
10150718APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN.REMOVE_SAVED_REPORTS should not remove primary default report
10150816Error on application search
10154666Interactive report chart displays incorrect decimal separator in non-english application
10158459Application Express Autocomplete is replacing ampersand with '&'
10158747Unexpected behavior with interactive report filtering with multi column LOV
10162569Search on 4000:1 includes SESSION_ID when it should not
10162590Search on 4000:1500 includes SESSION_ID when it should not
10165864Reader access not granted to user that logs in when running a PUBLIC Websheet
10169594Error message does not show up when editing process and shortcuts are used
10174506Bad region template selected on page 4000:48, ugly button wrapping issue
10177937Interactive report row text contains filter includes filter disabled column. To learn more, see "Row Searches on Interactive Reports No Longer Search for Filter Disabled Columns"
10185693Interactive report row filter type displays filter disabled column
10185939Add an API in APEX_UTIL to delete interactive report subscription
10185978Flash 5 scatter chart displaying incorrect marker in legend
10188925Import of application with access control supporting objects throws error
10189958Interactive report after refresh event sometimes causes processing GIF to not be hidden
10190015NV function raises ORA-01722 if value contains group separator
10195512User granted create any table does not show up in spreadsheet data load
10198879Allow more than one email address in interactive report subscription
10198889Interactive report: subscription, format masks using substitutions are not supported
10201943Editing of page item fails if too many plug-ins are installed
10202158Page fails to load when many dynamic actions are defined on a page
10202608Team Development feedback, 4800:8000 does not search feedback column
10202722Editing Master Detail page in Create Application Wizard throws ORA-20001: NO DATA FOUND
10203473In a Oracle Database upgrade release, APXDBMIG.SQL may show errors
10203596Change Theme Number - Wizard templates too narrow for buttons
10205497Flash 5 line chart 'Series type' defaults to bar instead of line
10206259Flash 5 Map Wizard displays incorrect images for North America and South America, Asia, and Oceania
10206411Flash 5 combined chart not displaying label and tooltip information for all chart series
10206510Classic report row highlighting function not working for all themes
10207277List of values report, 4000:421, does not search Query column
10210711Add new placeholder #INTERNAL_MESSAGE# to error page template
10210802DHTML list (IMAGE) with sublist does not work
10215164Restful Web service support does not escape values when posting
10215440Interactive report displays LOV in filter and highlight when it is disabled
10218361Editing filter on pseudo column in Websheet data grid displays 2 operator lists
10219253List of values report,4000:4110, does not search Query column
10221310Data Grid validation dialog has misleading title
10222168Websheet data grid filtering on Tag column has inconsistencies
10223154Data Grid Pseudo column filter and highlight information display in red when it should not
10226951ORA-04030 encountered when displaying Flash chart in Oracle Database
10228576Interactive report email download and subscription send attachment in database character set
10231413APEX_ITEM.SELECT_LIST_* APIs behave incorrectly if P_SHOW_NULL = YES
10232386Multi-series chart does not display first chart
10238450Interactive report filter dialog raises a 404 "NO DATA FOUND" error if page is submitted
10240360Flash 3 charts throw ORA-01403 error if color schemes looks 6 or 7 used
10244462Confirmation page of Create Form on Web Service has buttons out of place
10247924Dynamic action When conditions does not work with shuttle, check boxes, or select list (with enabled Multi Select)
10248011Theme toolbar stretches after upgrading to Oracle Application Express 4.0.1 in Internet Explorer
10252335ORA-20001: GET_BLOCK when importing page which uses a not public user authentication scheme
10254296Access Migrations navigation region missing icons in generated applications
10254433Default theme should be set to theme 21 in Create Application Wizard
10254660Automatic Time Zone application with time zone at 0:00 loops forever
10262671Flash 5 chart series type item not displayed when page loaded using tree view
10264946ORA-44003 occurs when Set Autocommit off in SQL Commands page
10270216ERROR ERR-1016 / ITEM_PREFERENCE (Use item containing preference)
10078661Advisor fails with ORA-20999 Unknown Type if process type plug-in is used

Thursday, November 4, 2010

APEX 4.0 plugins

Here are the list of site in which you can find the APEX 4.0 plugins:
  3. Oracle APEX 4.0 Plugin Application:

Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year

Have a prosperous Diwali. Hope this festival of lights, brings you every joy and happiness. May the lamps of joy, illuminate your life and fill your days with the bright sparkles of peace, mirth and goodwill, because you are someone who deserves life's best and so much more. Have a joyous Diwali and new year.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oracle FIXED_DATE Parameter

FIXED_DATE enables you to set a constant date that SYSDATE will always return instead of the current date. 

To undo a fixed date setting, specify FIXED_DATE=NONE

This parameter is useful primarily for testing. 

The value can be in the format shown above or in the default Oracle date format, without a time.

Testing against a fixed date in Oracle?
Testing against a fixed date is easy in Oracle. Here is one example demonstrating use of FIXED_DATE parameter.

Assuming you wanted to set a date Jan 1, 2010 in your database.

SQL> Select sysdate from dual ;
This will display the current system date
SQL> Alter System Set Fixed_Date='01-Jan-2010' ;
SQL> Select sysdate from dual ;
This will display the system date as '01-Jan-2010'
The above Alter command can change the current sysdate to the date given.

To change the sysdate to the original date.
SQL> Alter System set fixed_date='none' ;
SQL> Select sysdate from dual ;
This will display the current system date

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Password strength meter in APEX

On page HTML Header write the following code

On password item P10_PASSWORD

 HTML Form element attribute: onkeyup="return passwordChanged();"

Create an item  P10_PASSWORD_STRENGTH on right side of password item.

Display As: Display as text(escape special characters, does not save state)
Pre Element Text: 
<script language="javascript">
function passwordChanged(){
var pwd = document.getElementById('P10_PASSWORD_STRENGTH');
var password = document.getElementById("P10_PASSWORD").value;
var desc = new Array();
        desc[0] = "Very Weak";
        desc[1] = "Weak";
        desc[2] = "Better";
        desc[3] = "Medium";
        desc[4] = "Strong";
        desc[5] = "Strongest";
        var score   = 0;
        if (password.length > 6) score++;
        if ( ( password.match(/[a-z]/) ) && ( password.match(/[A-Z]/) ) ) score++;
        if (password.match(/\d+/)) score++;
        if ( password.match(/.[!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,?,_,~,-,(,)]/) ) score++;
        if (password.length > 12) score++;
        document.getElementById("passwordDescription").innerHTML = desc[score];
        if (password.length==0) {
             document.getElementById("passwordDescription").innerHTML  = 'Password not entered';
      document.getElementById("passwordStrength").className = "strength" + score;
Post Element Text:
<div id="passwordDescription">Password not entered</div>
<div id="passwordStrength" class="strength0">

Demo Example:

Refer for more info.

Final output:


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some usefull plugins For Oracle APEX 4.0

Some usefull plugins from For Oracle APEX 4.0

Text Field with Masked Input
This is an APEX integration of the jQuery Masked Input Plugin created by Josh Bush ( It allows you to force data input in a fixed format.

SkillBuilders IR Header Float
Interactive Reports are powerful reports in APEX that allow end users to customize reports to meet their needs. However, as with most other reports, viewing many rows at once requires users to scroll down the web page. As users scroll down, the report headers scroll out of site which can cause users to lose the context of the data being viewed – especially if the data involves lots of data and/or numbers.

Google Directions
This plugin provides the Google driving directions, route map, estimated distance and travel time based on two provided locations. This is an adaptation of Botoka's Google Map.

Form Validator
This dynamic action plug-in provides client-side form validation. The validation rules are based on the Apex Dictionary, like required items, number items (min/max values) and date items.

Region plugin using jquery tabs.

SkillBuilders Save Before Exit
Have you ever filled out a form and accidentally left the page without saving your work? It is actually quite easy to do. Thankfully, browsers have features to help prevent this from happening. The problem, however, is that taking advantage of those features can be quite difficult - until now.

Sumneva Drag & Drop Report
This plug-in creates an AJAX enabled Drag & Drop Report from a SQL Query (and a few other bits and bobs) supplied by the user.

SkillBuilders Schedule
Event scheduling is a common task that developers repeatedly face when creating applications. The types of events can vary greatly as can their configuration options. Some events are simple, occurring only once while others are more complex and can repeat indefinitely.

A facebook style autocomplete text field.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Set OR Get apex item value

Procedure to set the apex item value

create or replace PROCEDURE PROC AS
      p_name => 'P1_X',
      p_value => 'KARTIK');

Here P1_X is the item name which is unique in APEX.

And call this procedure or also function in apex process.

Same way you can get the apex item value using get_session_state function:
    p_item    IN   VARCHAR2)